Rina's Guide to Perfect Facial Cleansing

Everyone thinks that facial cleansing is the most basic step in a skincare routine. That is absolutely true, but we often come across these questions too: "Am I actually cleansing the right way?" or "Am I using the right cleanser for my skin type?"

There is a myth that people with oily skin should use an exfoliating cleanser and a non-foaming cleanser is only suitable for sensitive skin. Nope. No matter what skin type we have, we can always opt for a gentle cleanser, whether it’s foam or gel type. The key is to make sure that we're cleansing the right way.

Rina, our GlamPickTV host, shared her take on how she perfectly cleanses her face. "We can always start with gentle facial cleansers that suit all skin types from normal to oily, and even sensitive skin."

Check out this video to see how Rina cleanses her face on the daily:

Now, let’s jump into the step-by-step in achieving a perfectly cleansed skin!

Step 1: Don’t cleanse with dirty hands
Make sure your hands are clean before you start to cleanse your face. Otherwise, you’re just transferring more dirt onto your face. 

Step 2: Be gentle with your skin
Don’t be rough with your skin - No matter what skin type you have, it's important to treat your face gently. Rubbing or scrubbing doesn’t necessarily remove all that dirt from your skin. In fact, it may lead to micro-tears and stretching of the skin.

Avoid big beads. Mousse cleanser helps to cleanse face gently as it is already bubbled up. The bubbles are so dense and tiny that it can penetrate deep into our pores to whisk away excess sebum and impurities. As for foam cleansers, rub a pea-sized amount in between your palms to create bubbles first. You may also opt for a cleansing sponge or brush!

Step 3: Don’t rush through the wash
Like how a quick hop in the shower doesn’t make you squeaky clean, same goes for cleansing your face.

Take the chance to massage your skin to relax - With the tip of your fingers, gently massage cleanser onto your skin. Massage using small circular motions and remember to only use light pressure.

Step 4: Rinse with lukewarm water
Icy cold water doesn’t tighten pores and hot water makes your skin dry! It can lead to redness and skin irritation as well. So, rinse with lukewarm water that matches with our body temperature.

Step 5: Pat dry with a towel
We always hear this advice – to pat your face dry with a towel. We thought that we could remove remnants of a cleanser or dirt by rubbing hard with a towel (we know, it feels so good...), but doing that may actually cause irritation and further damage skin’s elasticity.

Instead, simply pat your face with a dry and clean towel (because we wouldn’t want dirt on our face again!) and finish off with your usual skincare regime.

It only takes five simple steps for a perfect facial cleansing. Some of you may use different methods to cleanse your face, so feel free to leave a comment if you would like to share tips on how you cleanse yours! We'd love to read about it. We hope that these simple steps could help your skin be more clean, healthy and beautiful!



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hi. I have combination skin which is dry skin below my eyes,my side lips,white head on my nose and only oily on nose area. I need some advice on which skin care that I should use from yadah?? I appreciate if you would reply to my comment

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